EcoEdge is the latest collaboration between Boultbee Brooks and Infraland.

As billions of devices connect and collect data from the real physical world, the amount of data these devices generate is surpassing all previous levels.

The only way to process and use this data at the speed and performance levels required is to move out of the cloud and on to the edge of the network and internet, where most of the future data will be generated and consumed.

Experts predict that edge computing will account for 75% of enterprise data by 2025, up from 10% today.

EcoEdge Data Centre
Super-fast data relay & response time (low-latency) due to localised data centre, typically less than 5 miles away from the user
*Example Users: IoT, Gaming, Autonomous Cars, Smart Cities, AI, Manufacturing, Machine to Machine Learning

Using our combined infrastructure, property, and renewable energy expertise we are developing a network of Edge data sites ready to partner with operators and end users, powered by our own solar farms.